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  1. Definition of semi-bluff in the ciastarweltuirienewsflirmilhearovenbi.coinfo dictionary. Meaning of semi-bluff. What does semi-bluff mean? Information and translations of semi-bluff in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
  2. semi-bluff A bet or raise with a hand that has several outs against likely hands your opponent may have, so you win if he folds or you draw out I semi-bluffed with my draw after I put him on an overpair by .
  3. Aug 19,  · A semi-bluff involves betting or raising with a drawing hand. If, for instance, we hold two hearts, and the flop brings two more hearts and a spade, then we can semi-bluff the flop. Basically, a semi-bluff differs from a pure bluff because we still have equity.
  4. Jul 23,  · Semi-bluff basically means that you raise or bet your hands with a draw. The difference between semi-bluff and total bluff is that semi-bluff increases your possibility of winning the hand if called while total bluff offers nothing.
  5. Dec 08,  · A semi bluff is a bluff made with a hand that has potential to improve to a strong hand. The most obvious examples are bluffs made while holding flush draws, open-ended straight draws and gutshots. Semi bluffs are always more profitable than pure bluffs, because we essentially have two chances to win the pot.
  6. Nov 16,  · A Semi-Bluff Shove Example In this hand it folds to the cutoff who opens, we semi-bluff 3bet to $10 with 8♥ 6♥, the cutoff 4bets to $23 and we decide to 5bet shove. Like most plays in poker, we can proof this using some simple poker math, But you may notice that the basic EV equation from earlier does not account for ALL possible outcomes.
  7. semi-bluffs definition: Noun 1. (poker) plural form of semi-bluffVerb 2. (poker) third-person singular simple present indicative form of semi-bluff.
  8. (plural semi-bluffs) (poker) A type of bluff where the bluffer believes that the bluff has some chance of immediate success and also that he or she has some chance of .

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